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About us

Twist Stools are unique functional works of art and is a subsidiary company of our parent company which is Haussmann Inc.

We are a family owned and operated business that sells Handmade Furniture and decor from Sustainable Materials - Natural and Safe Functional Works of Art. 

Our products are produced by Kammika Import Export Co., Ltd. (Thailand) and shipped in direct to our Solon Springs, WI warehouse. 

All items are truly hand made from sustainable materials and shipped in recyclable card board packaging. From beginning to end the items are all cradle to grave pieces and no petroleum-based chemicals are used in the making of the items.

Each piece is unique, and the finish will vary on each piece. This is because the wood is not treated to bleach it white before we hand rub the natural plant chemistry oils onto the wood. The oils are translucent, so the underlying wood becomes the base color showing all its wood grain and swirls while acquiring the oil color tone as its finish.

Using sections of branches and carving on the radial (round) leads to checking (cracking) in the wood as it dries. Being made from tropical woods and dried naturally there is checking, and we fill in with like wood type so as not to waste any wood after carving. This is part of being sustainable as all pieces will check being an all-natural wood product that is not being chemically modified.

We have been producing and exporting since 2000. Originally, we produced for other companies and under their label. Since 2008 we have started selling our own branded designs. Our USA company Haussmann Inc. is CA registered under Haussmann and we stamp every piece we make with our modified H logo so that you know it is our product.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality products that are practical to use and uniquely fun to display.