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About Natural Wood Finish

OSMO Wood Wax Finishes: The Perfect All-Rounder

Osmo Wood Wax Finish offers a satin or satin-gloss finish, uniquely combining the benefits of oils and waxes in one product. It's resistant to water and dirt, highly durable, and smoothens wood surfaces. The application is straightforward—no need for a primer or sanding between coats, saving both time and money. It's also resistant to liquid spillages, and the dry finish is safe for humans, plants, and animals.

This highly water-resistant and food-safe finish brings out the wood grain's detail thanks to its translucent natural oils, without leaving an oily feel. It prevents bleeding into carpets as it contains natural lacs. These lacs surface after the oil soaks into the wood, drying to create a hard surface that can be polished, sealing the surface effectively.

Please note, natural wood products exhibit variations in texture and finish color due to the inherent natural wood tones, visible through the translucent oil. As such, your item may not exactly match the image on the website—no two pieces are identical. The color may vary from the pictures depicted, as the oil maintains the same color tone, but the underlying wood color varies. Tropical woods may have mold blooms that create dark stains. Variations in color and small cracks are not considered valid reasons for return. The handcrafted touch of artisan skill results in variations in color, size, and design. Expect differences if purchasing two of the same item, including color discrepancies between the product and your computer screen.

Tung Oil

Pure Tung Oil is resistant to water and alkali, penetrates well, is elastic, and unlikely to crack. It builds quickly, consolidates the wood surface, and creates a transparent matte finish. Our Pure Tung Oil contains no thinners or driers and emits a light nutty odor. Extracted from the nuts of the Tung tree, also known as China wood oil and nut oil, Tung Oil serves as an ideal binder, carrying resins and dryers deep into the wood pores. This process allows sealer and finish coats to become part of the wood, drying into a durable yet beautiful surface. Tung Oil is celebrated as the world's oldest and best wood preservative, offering a protective barrier against water, stains, abrasions, and wear. It provides a natural, hand-rubbed, classic look, perfect for fine furniture. We recommend Tung Oil for outdoor furniture, especially Framed Teak, to achieve a Golden teak finish that is water-repellant, UV resistant, and food-safe.

Teak Oil

Pure Teak Oil, extracted locally from the nuts of the teak tree without any additives, will evaporate over time. To maintain its appearance, it must be applied seasonally, depending on the piece's placement. Outdoor exposure to the sun's UV rays accelerates the drying process, necessitating more frequent applications. Initially used for protection during transportation, Teak Oil allows the wood to develop a gray patina as it weathers and ages outdoors.